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Firm your legs by yoga pose

Who would like to firm your legs, listen to me!!!! do this 3 poses… will get nice legs

IMG_0267 IMG_0269 IMG_8611

Downward dog split pose
This pose can be done from the downward facing dog and lift one leg. You can do micro bend your knee if you feel too much strecth or if you can, please try to lift your leg and streach/tight it as much as you can and then, hold the pose about 5-10 breaths. After that change the side. This pose helps a lot for firming your legs.

Second pose is Traingle pose. This pose helps to exercise muscle inter and outer legs. Hold this pose 5-10 breaths of each side.

Half Moon Pose
Last one is Half moon pose, this pose can be done from the traingle and move one hand to the front , and lift back leg and another hand. Look up to the upper hand. This pose helps a lot on strengthen your legs and balance your body and mind. Hold the pose each side 5-10 breath.

Try it everyday, you will get firm legs!!!

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