Kru Ern

Kru Ern


  • 200 Hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hrs YTTC) from Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai, Thailand – August 2018
  • Master Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management

She has been practicing yoga for 5 years and become a yoga teacher through the course of 200 hours YTT at Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai in 2018, under the incomparable teaching of one of her biggest influences Khu Nok and Master Anil. She is known for her Hatha/Vinyasa practice intuitive understanding of body and her creative, and engaging teaching style. Her teaching is fun and creative with great focus on the movement(Asana) along with breath(pranayama).

Ern’s background is related to hotel and hospitality industry. Prior to her career, Ern creative background includes practice yoga, art and pottery. Through the stressful work life of hotelier, she found yoga to be the most beneficially compliment both mentally and physically. Her initial relationship with yoga has peppers throughout her self-practice and group practices. Over the year she has realized that yoga is more than just the practice of asana and has wittiness the power and benefits of consistent practice both on and off mat.

She believes the practice and teaching of yoga allow us to contribute to the greater good by providing us deeper resources of presence, compassion and patience. She also believes that through yoga we have the opportunity to open our hearth and recognize the essence of our being is self-love.

“To embrace each day, live in the present moment and create joy”. Erny