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Core & Arm Balance Foundation Workshop with Kru NOK 24Nov18

Foundation is very important to learn before you are practice any arm balance or inversion. Most important to know about wrist, arm, forearm, shoulders – how are anatomy? how you make it healthy? then...

Outdoor Activities 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Aug 2018

Teaching, practice and bonding activities continue with students of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at beautiful Doltara Boutique Resort.      

Opening Ceremony for 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Aug 2018

  Great start with opening ceremony of our 200 hrs Teacher Training. We are happy to welcome all the students and looking forward to share our practice and knowledge in coming days…  

4th International Day of Yoga 21st Jun 2018 (CMU)

Our Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai lead by Kru NOK and her team Kru Biw and Kru Menny. We are part of YOGA teaching and demonstration in the 4th international Day of YOGA orgainized by...

Core and Arm Balance Foundation Workshop

Core and Arm Balance Foundation Workshop We learned easy way to practice arm balance and foundation of the Core. Happy Practice.

Hips Opening Workshop 10 Jun 2018

Hips Opening Workshop 10 Jun 2018, learned lot how to warm and correctly open your hips.  

Yoga fly – Yoga Ananda Jing Jai market Branch

Yoga Ananda Chiangmai, we have launched the YOGA with FLY(YOGA+HAMMOCK) in our own style and Fly for kids on weekend day. With Kru NOK and Kru Menny, you can make sure that you and...