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Yoga fly – Yoga Ananda Jing Jai market Branch

Yoga Ananda Chiangmai, we have launched the YOGA with FLY(YOGA+HAMMOCK) in our own style and Fly for kids on weekend day.

With Kru NOK and Kru Menny, you can make sure that you and your kids will have really happy and safety practice.

YOGA with FLY – Lot of benefit be there
1.Increase concentration.
2. Increase metabolism
3. Great blood circulation.
4. Relax and can be used as therapy your shoulders/back/jhips.
5. For kids, increase flexibility, spine more streight, more confident, increase hight (as per research)
6. Strong core, arms and can be great support with yoga practice.

Classes time and date, will be informed soon. Minimum 6- 9 classes a week will be taught and kids class will be on Sat/Sun.

Old member, will get really good price for the application during Jun 2018. Follow us and share the news.

More information please follow our page.

With love.

INBOX here or LINE:porntipttt, phone 0818840122


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