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Yoga Ananda Chiangmai Old City Opening Ceremony


Yoga Ananda Chiangmai – Old City Branch opening ceremony 9 Jun 2018. Thank you very much for all students, friends, teacher to come and join this ceremony.

As we are growth and spread Yoga knowledge with our heart. From Nimman branch, Jing Jai Market branch and this is our 3rd branch.

Thank you very much especially my team Kru Menny Prapaipim Inthalaeng , Kru Biw B Biw Satjaporn , our consultant master Girjesh Sharma and master Anil Singh who has been working together, growth together.


Thanks for students who come to practice yoga with us, share your love, share your great enery.

All the best! Kru NOK Yoga Ananda Chiangmai founder


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