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The Art of Becoming Friends with Yourself – Workshop 29 – 31 May 2020



“The Art of Becoming Friends with Yourself”

 Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai organize the best healing workshop in May 2020.

This workshop for general yoga practice persons, yoga lovers, yoga instructors, anyone who interested in the healing/relaxation technique.

To attend this course, you will get the participation certificate of 15 hrs The art of becoming friend with yourself workshop.

If you are registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA, you can use this certificate as continuing study to top up your training hour with Yoga Alliance USA.

The Art of Becoming Friends with Yourself workshop will lead you to learn how to communicate with your mind and body at a deep level. You will recognize and understand how thoughts and feelings are expressed in your body. Issues such as anxiety, insomnia, unexplained pain, acute and chronic diseases and addictive behaviors or any other physical issues which are out of natural balance can be healed.


Main Topic in the course

Day 1

Understanding the fundamental problem

Yogic view to the self- Gross ,Subtle and Causal body

Art of becoming friends with the self

Law of Proximity,Spending time with self

Yogic meaning and way of befriending with self

Practice sessions to Befriending with Physical body

Day 2

Understanding of Energy body

Concept of Nadis and Chakra

How do we absorb tension in energy body

How push buttons are formed and how to release them

Practice sessions to release and recharge energy body

Day 3

Yogic model of Emotional and mental body

Mechanism of Ego, Guilt, Fear and Values

Breaking the cycle of karmic patterns

practice sessions to befriending the emotional and mental body

Practice tools to establish in one’s own true nature

living in Harmony with self and others



About Master Sunil Sharma

Yogi Sunil Sharma is Yoganga Healing’s founder and creator. He is a renowned yoga teacher known for his unique approach to teaching yoga philosophy and his integration of traditional yoga practices and their healing benefits into every-day life.

His exposure, experience and wide knowledge in both Eastern and Western practices provide him with a deep and profound understanding of different cultural and social backgrounds. This enables him to approach each student individually. Having witnessed numerous healing and the therapeutic benefits of yoga and personal transformations within his students Sunil decided to share the therapeutic effect of yoga by creating Yoganga Healing in 2013.

Master Sunil developed this holistic healing method called Yoganga

Healing by working with the vast Vedic and Yogic traditions to awaken and bring about mind body excellence.

Master Sunil is trained in traditional and Scientific Yoga from Kaivalyadhama. He has a Masters in Psychology and Counseling and is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of the Indian society of clinical and experimental hypnosis. Having a background in modern psychology gives an added advantage to customize these ancient healing modalities to new age clients. Master Sunil is based in Rishikesh and leads Yoga teacher training programs internationally. He has a large client following in India and abroad. He is also a consultant for teacher training programs in Dubai, China, Croatia and other Asian and European countries

Through Yoganga Healing, Master Sunil shares the maximum therapeutic effects of yoga, by conducting lectures as well as individual and group healing sessions. This helps equip modern day people with the tools to live more peaceful and healthier lifestyles which ultimately lead to the optimal balance and union of body, mind and spirit – which is yoga.

3 Days Workshops

Date: 29 – 31 May 2020

Time: Morning 9:00-12:00 and Afternoon 2:00-4:00PM

Venue: Yoga Ananda Jing Jai Market

Limited: 15 participants.


  1. Early Bird Price 5,700 THB for 3 days Sessions if reserve the course within 31 Mar From 1 April the course fee is 6,600 THB.

  2. In case book only 1 or 2 days session – Early bird price will be 1,900 THB for 1 day if reserve course by within 31 Mar 2020. From 1 April course fee will be 2,200 THB per 1 day.


More information : www.yogaananda.net

FB: Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai

 Booking and payment: Kru NOK Phone/LINE/What’s app number  081-8840122

Email: porntipt99@hotmai.com


Bank Information to book course:

Account name: Porntip Tananuchittikul

Account Number: 667 – 2 -36026 – 4

Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank

Bank Branch: Chiang Mai University

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