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Neti Cleansing

Many students asked me how to clean the nose by neti, they know it’s really good for removing mucus, pollution from outside. Maintain good health of ears, eyes and throat.

Jata Neti
1. Prepare neti pot and warm salt water.
2. Put salt water in neti pot, do cleaning side to side, start left or right. Example, start from left nosal..then lean your head to right side, then put salt water from left side. No breathing in this step) Water will come from left and out from right side. After that, do again another side)
3. Remove water from both norsal.


Sutra Neti
1. Perform nose cleaning by jala neti step first.
2. Clean the sutra by salt water, start from each side of nose example.. start left. Slowly put sutra in left nostril, slowly bring it to the throad and use hand take the line out from the moutn. Slowly rub the sutra up and down)
3. First or second time, it might be difficult to put and take out the sutra, don’t force it. Slowly practice will be fine)
4. Finish one side, do another side
5.Clean nose again by neti pot
6. Breath by mouth for this practice

*** Both practice should be done in the morning, if your nosal lock, please skip to practice another day.

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