Master Anil Singh (Philosophy & Yoga Master)

I met Nok almost 2 years ago in Rishikesh when she came to study Yoga and completed her 500hrs TTC. I used to teach some classes there. There were many students but she was one of few who took Yoga as mission of life and live it with each breath. She used to have a lot of physical and psychological complications while studying Yoga i.e. High BP, breathing problems, migraine and some emotional troubles. She had to take breaks many times while studying. She recovered from most of complications while studying and now when I see her in Chiang Mai today, it gives me immanence pleasure and makes me feel proud what she is doing and up to.
I attended few of her Yoga sessions while i am here in Chiang Mai and the energy she brings in sessions is unbelievable and most practitioners realise it. Her own personal practice and guiding the people in improving in Yoga practice is most important feature of her teaching and class. She has great understanding in adjustments and what people can do at a time.

I feel and conclude my experience with that she is “a Yoga Teacher with heart” and I guarantee many Yoga teachers in Market (I have to use the word market) don’t have it. So go and learn/practice with her, you will feel it.

I wish a very best and good luck for her future endeavours and may she keeps spreading knowledge and love for Yoga practice to everyone in journey.

So much love and blessings..!!!

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