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Power of Yoga Therapy, life is changed! – Balance your body & mind by Yoga


                      This week from 4-10 May 2018, I have chance to visit Bali, Indonesia to do some workshop and private group train to improve teaching skill of my friends and followers. This morning, I sit in front of my room, looking out the green rice field, scenery and thinking about my destiny, life and work.

                      Many times, I would like to write something about “YOGA Therapy” which is really important in my Yoga life. Many of my private class students come to me with many issues and symptoms. I give some practices for therapy and finally, most of them get better health and feel happier with YOGA!

                     Today, I would love to write one success story. I can say this is one is nice example for anyone who feel your life is not happier. You feel you are suffering from some sickness, from some pain within etc. You always ask question to yourself, why I have to suffer, why I have to be in pain or why me??

                   4 Years ago, when I have not yet founded the Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai, Nimman branch. I got a call from a student named Mr. Wittaya. He said would like to meet me. He said he has been suffering from many health issues; not only his physically but as mentally and emotionally as well as.

                   I remember that first time when Mr. Wittaya came to see me, I saw his eyes, cheeks and face looked so dark, tired, depressed and unhappy. Physically he was fat, big belly and had chronic gastric issue. Movement of his body was not easy, because of heavy body. Whenever he would like to eat something, he has to be careful because most of the times, it’s not easy to digest and he has symptom of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

                   Moreover, he had the “Panic” symptom, so much anxiety, and often would get cramps- especially in belly area and got diagnosed “Obesity”


Two photos, Khun Wittaay, during first year practice at Kru NOK’s house studio 4 years ago.


We had discussion; and I found that more than 10 years, Mr. Wittaya had to work in the office. He has to sit long hour everyday and got less time to rest or sleep. He had lifestyle that he has to go out to drink/party with friend many times in a week. He did not have regular sleep time. He would drink lot of alcohol and did not care about his health. From body weight 63kg, it increased to 95kg. He got affected from this lifestyle when he was only 28 years old; he got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fat level, and obesity. Apart from that, he had so much stress and tension. He tried to do many things to reduce his weight even took some medicine to reduce weight.

One day, he felt very uncomfortable inside stomach (flatulence), so much gas, indigestion, got symptom of GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease), Cram in stomach, can not breath well, feeling scared even can not drive, can not go on plane, headache, then got the panic attacks.  He went doctor and doctor said, his body and mind loose balance without reason!

At first, Mr. Wittaya went to see many doctors. One doctor, to another doctor and did not feel any better. Finally, he went to a professor/specialist and got final diagnosis that reason why he has these entire symptoms because of his faulty lifestyle, unhealthy food, and resting pattern all are incorrect way. Panic was from wrong lifestyle also. Every symptom he has got in physical body is affecting his mind too. Then, he got “Panic attacks” slowly. During this time, Mr. Wittaya went 4 doctors at same time. Got many medical treatments and also, doctor recommend him to practice “YOGA”.


I would like to explain little bit YOGA or in this case we call “Yoga Therapy”. Please do not misunderstand that if you are sick, you practice yoga as a therapy, and then you will recover immediately. It’s NOT Like that.

The Yoga Therapy can be used with the medical treatment in case of you have really severe symptom. The practicing of the yoga therapy will use the meditation, pranayama (breathing), Gentle YOGA to heal body and mind to make your body and mind more balanced. When your body and mind is more balanced, it gives great effect for your health also. The yoga therapy needs to be used along with medical treatment. Once the body and mind are getting stronger, medical treatment could be reduced by recommendation of the doctor.

When you do the yoga, also need to be careful and understand the effect of yoga and practice with the YOGA teacher who has knowledge of the yoga therapy. Once you practice yoga wrong way, it can also give you wrong effect.


Come back to the story of Mr. Wittaya, he told me that before coming to meet me, he used to get medical treatment and practice yoga for a while but found that he got more severe symptom. He did not understand why, so he made decision to seek another yoga teacher who has knowledge in yoga therapy. So, he came to meet me.


After discussion in details, I found that medical treatments of doctors are based on the symptom, but the yoga practice should start with the change in what Mr. Wittaya did for the past life. What he practiced before that made body hotter, and then increased gas in the body. So, we adjust our Yoga practice method, to cool down body and mind and also, yoga practice in gentle way.


A good example about Mr. Wittaya that he has 1 notebook for writing his practice/symptom, what he eat, what were activities he did that day and estimation of his symptoms during his practice. He can read it anytime and the note shows that how is the improvement of his health and symptom. That writing also one thing was very helpful for medical and Yoga treatment.


During those two years, consistently Mr. Wittaya came to meet me twice a week. We discuss every time before practicing, practice yoga, breathing etc. In first step, everything seems really difficult to Mr. Wittaya. Just walk back, simple posture and sun salutation cannot do. It took more than 3 months then slowly he could do it. Someday he cannot even practice, so we just discuss and made him feel better. Somedays, we can practice well. Because of his discipline and positive thoughts, gradually his symptom getting better and medical treatments started getting reduced.


As I told you, the symptom of imbalance get accumulated inside your body and mind form long years. In his case it was more than 10 years. So, treatment time, need to be slow too. As my observation, Mr. Wittaya had really positive attitude to get better. He accepted what happened with him and tried to solve the problem. He also brought the budhishm believe in his life, which made him understand himself. He adjusted his lifestyle, changed eating habits, and placed consistency in yoga practice. After two years, Mr. Wittaya found himself getting better more than 60% as per his record and estimation. Medicine he used to take got reduced and he felt himself healthier and happier.


Currently, Mr. Wittaya still keeps his discipline on lifestyle, eating, and yoga practice. He said if he doesn’t practice, he feels sick. He has positive mind and felt happy to share his story with us, to our students, and people want to start yoga journey. I would like to tell you, encourage you and inspire you!  Everything can be cured, every symptom can be better, just you need to have positive thought, and discipline and YOGA can help you!


                                                 Photos after 2 years practice: more smiling in his face, better moving:


Me too, as a person, I also had many sickness in my life. One day I will write also about myself and I would like to tell you, everything can be cured. Myself now, also do not have any medication or treatment. Yoga is my medication and part of me!


Love and care. Please feel free to share!

More questions, please feel free to inbox “Yoga Ananda Chiangmai” page , line/call : 0818840122 (Kru NOK).

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