Yoga Ananda

Kru Menny


Kru Menny loves studying finance; baking, sports, learning new things and one day found that the body needs to learn the YOGA as well!

First time she came to join Yoga Class with Kru Nok in Yoga Ananda Chiangmai and found that she needs Yoga for strong body and mind. At first, her spine, legs, hips were really stiff. Practicing YOGA with Kru Nok, her flexibility slowly improved and she felt more strong as well as her mind felt peace and relaxed. Her mind is more positive and she feels herself more patient, calm and focused.

Improvement in her life, made her think that she cannot stop learning YOGA and would like to share good things to others by becoming the Yoga Teacher. She has changed her path of life and finds lot of passion to teach YOGA to all.

See her in classes: Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga (Basic) , Ashtanga Vinyasa , Stretching etc. in Yoga Ananda NIMMAN and JING JAI Market branch.

Kru Menny (RYT500 : ID233022)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Chiang Mai University, Thailand

  • Master degree in Science of Finance from Chiangmai University, Thailand.

  • 200 Hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hrs YTTC), from Yoga Ananda Chiangmai, Thailand -Feb 2017

  • Yoga Fly Instructors Teacher Training Jun 2018.
  • 300 Hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training , Nirvana School , Mysore, India (Dec 2019)