Kru Mai


Kru Mai love healthy living, fitness and sports practice. She got some injury and body pain from her fitness workout, it was the turning point for her to start practicing YOGA. At that time, she thought Yoga is only one type of soft sports for her.

Since she started practicing Yoga in Yoga Ananda, she slowly fell in love with practice and now, it became part of her life. She found it changed her body and mind, she thinks more positive and finds peace during and after practice. She knows more how to do correct asanas and alignments for safe practice and treatment of the injury points.

Changes in her personal life made her to join the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course at Yoga Ananda Chiangmai to gain more knowledge and to be a Yoga Teacher in Yoga Ananda Chiangmai with Kru Nok.

Meet her in class: Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa, balancing, stretching, etc. in both branch : Yoga Ananda Nimman & JING JAI Market.

Kru Mai


  • Bachelor degree in faculty of Business Administration in Marketing from Chiangmai University.
  • 200 Hrs Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200Hrs YTTC), from Yoga Ananda Chiangmai, Thailand