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Nice legs with Tiger Pose : Vyaghrasana

Tiger pose, this asana exercises and loosens the back, relaxes the sciatic nerves, relieving sciatica, and loosens up the legs and hop joints. It tones the female reproductive organs and is especially beneficial for women after child-birth and those who have given birth to many children. It stretches the abdominal muscles, digestion system , improve blood circulation. Weight is reduced from the hips and thighs.

This pose can be doned easily, assue the starting position for marjari-asana (Cat pose) and look forward. Relax the whole body. Arching the back downwards, straighten the left leg stretching it up and back. Bend the left knee. look up and bring the toes towards the back of the head. Hold the breath for 3 seconds. Straighten the left leg , bend the knee and swing the leg unter the hips. Simultaneously, arch the back up and head down bringing the knee towards the nose. The left foot should not touch the floor. The thigh presses agains the chest. Hold for few seconds while retaining the breath outside. Move the foot straight back and again stretch the leg. Bend the knee and contineu with the slow swinging movements. Practicing one side 5-10 times then relax in Cat pose (Marjari-asana). Repeat with the other leg.

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