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Jala Neti and Sutra Neti

Can not refuse that there are many people have breathing and allergy problems .. including me. Today, i would like to introduce you about nose cleaning teachnique with salt water and rubber catheter. During i was in Rishikesh, India. I have been using this both cleaning with my nosal everyday. It’ really helps to reduce nose blocks, allergy a lot.

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  1. Nose cleansing with salt water (Jala Neti) You can mix the salt with warm water (not so much salt.. just for feel a bit salty) and put in neti pot. You can pour water in one nose and let the water come from another nose and change side. This cleansing will help to remove dust, bacteria from your nose. The good time to do it is early morning.
  2. Nose cleasing with rubber catheter (Sutra Neti) This method should be done along with the Jala Neti. First , you can do Jala neti, then put the rubber catheter in your nose one side and let it come out from the mouth. After that , you use both hand hold the catheter and move it up down to clean your nostril. Then, change side. After that do the jala neti again. This way is so good to clean the mucus and nose. The good time also is in the early morning.

Both ways are so helpful to clean nostrils , remove mucus, bateria, dust in your nose. Who are person that can not breath well, nose block, allergy, sinus. Both ways are very very helpful. Especailly Sutra Neti, it’s can help to practice your mind as well.

Thank you picture Jala Neti from http://www.ayurvedayogashram.com/Jala-neti.asp


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