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Heal your neck and shouder pain by easy yoga pose

Many office workers, almost work with computer whole day. You can not refuse that you don’t have symptom of neck and shoulder pain. Those symptom can relief with some easy yoga pose. See it!!

Chair yoga at work

** In this well-aligned sitting posture, the head is balanced directly over the shoulder girdle, relieving supporting muscles of the extra burden of holding it up against gravity. Sit tall, with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your sit bones dropping down into the seat of the chair. From this place of grounding, extend the crown of your head up toward the sky, lengthening your spine. Soften your shoulders away from your ears and rest your hands on your thighs.  Relax your face. With a soft gaze and smiling eyes, look toward the horizon.

Y160_1* Geared toward enhancing circulation in the shoulders and upper back, this posture helps free the scapulae, which are suspended by a network of muscles and ligaments that attach to the neck and upper spine. Slowly rotate your shoulders front and back 5 times slow breathing.

Y160_2 Y160_3

* This posture helps stretch muscles that are involved in rotating and tilting your head, including the scalenes and upper trapezius, which often become extremely painful and sore in people who sit at a desk for long periods.

Y160_5 Y160_6


** Thank you very much article from www.yogainternational.com

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