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200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training activities in May 2019

200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training activities in May 2019 Train to be quality yoga teacher , need to focus in foundation of yoga – asana, pranayama, philosophy, etc. In Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai –...

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Core & Arm Balance Foundation Workshop with Kru NOK 24Nov18

Foundation is very important to learn before you are practice any arm balance or inversion. Most important to know about wrist, arm, forearm, shoulders – how are anatomy? how you make it healthy? then...

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Opening Ceremony for 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Aug 2018

  Great start with opening ceremony of our 200 hrs Teacher Training. We are happy to welcome all the students and looking forward to share our practice and knowledge in coming days…  

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4th International Day of Yoga 21st Jun 2018 (CMU)

Our Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai lead by Kru NOK and her team Kru Biw and Kru Menny. We are part of YOGA teaching and demonstration in the 4th international Day of YOGA orgainized by...

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Core and Arm Balance Foundation Workshop

Core and Arm Balance Foundation Workshop We learned easy way to practice arm balance and foundation of the Core. Happy Practice.

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Hips Opening Workshop 10 Jun 2018

Hips Opening Workshop 10 Jun 2018, learned lot how to warm and correctly open your hips.  

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Teaching Exam of 200 Hrs YTTC Jan 2018

Real classes teaching exam 200 Hrs YTTC Jan18 program Our real classes conducted by your Yoga Teacher training students in Yoga Ananda Nimman Studio .. One of our intensive exam .. our students need...

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International Yoga Day 2017 at Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our teacher team Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai has honered from India Consulate Chiangmai to do the yoga demonstration in the event “3rd International yoga day” at Thapae gate , chiangmai , thailand.  

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200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Feb2017 : Outdoor Activities

200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Feb2017 : Outdoor Activities This week 2-3 Mar 2017 : we had fun activities to learn in Doltara Boutique Resort. Got relax and lot of learning from each other. Neti...

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Adjustment learning in 200 Hrs YTTC Feb 17

Some parts of practicing,.. with intensive full day study : we have been learning Pranayama, Philosophy, Asanas, Mantra, Alignment and Adjustment!!!

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4 Workshops in Ahmedabad, India : Successfully completed

6 – 7 Jan 2017 : 4 Workshops were organised by Kaivalya Yoga Shala by invited Kru Nok from Yoga Ananda Chiangmai to give this intensive workshops for their members. Successfully completed for all...

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Ashtanga Vinyasa (B,I) LED Class by Kru NOk

Ashtanga Vinyasa (B,I) LED Class by Kru NOk 22 Dec 16 Fun & Good energy sharing!!!

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Happy Inversion Workshop with Samy & Ai

Happy Inversion Workshop organized by Yoga Ananday Chiangmai 25 Nov 2016. We all happy and fun!!! Thank you so much for sharing us!!!

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Ashtanga Primary Series LED Class by Kru Nok

Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series Full class :  2 Hours continue special class at Yoga Ananda Studio , 23 Sep 2016. All students had lot of fun and happy. Extremely positive energy sharing and learning...

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Ashtanga Marathorn Mixed Series by Kru Nok (11 Sep 16 : At Yogaholic, Thailand)

Workshop 11 Sep 16 ที่ YogaHolic -Thailand หนุกหนานมันส์หยด non stop เหมือนวิ่งมาราธอน เก่งกันทุกคนจ้า -ขอบคุณที่มาเจอกัน แลกเปลี่ยนเรียนรู้จากกันและกัน และรอยยิ้มตลอดเวลาในคลาสจ้า Some parts of workshop , all students did great job!!!! Thank you very much to come , met each...

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Yoga Ananda Studio

ห้องโยคะที่โยคะอนันดะ มีกระจกบานใหญ่ และกระจกด้านข้าง สะอาดและสงบ เหมาะกับการฝึกโยคะแบบส่วนตัวและกลุ่มเล็ก และเหมาะกับการทำสมาธิ Yoga Room at Yoga Ananda have big mirrors and side mirror, clean and quite. Nice for yoga practicing as personal/small group and also good for meditation.

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Kru Nok (Yoga Poses)

Some yoga asana demostrated by Kru Nok

500 Ashtanga YogaTTC (Oct - Dec 2014)

500 Ashtanga Yoga teacher Traning (Rishikesh,India)