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Foundation of Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop with Kru NOK

Foundation of arm balance and Inversion Workshop with Kru Nok (9 Sep 2017) at Yoga Ananda Jing Jai Market

Lot of photos we got and i try to cut it but i would like to get yourself photos and remind how to practice the foundations! Today, we have been learning about how to make correctly foundation practice. How to make good positioning of your palm, wrists, shoulders, hips and how to practice to make core stronger… Foundation of Baby Crow, Crow, Crane , Headstand, Tripod Headstand and Forearm balance!!!! Wish you all get new learning and keep practice correctly and safety in your practice. Thank you Kru Menny, Kru Biw and Kru Mai to assist in this workshop. See you again soon! Kru NOK



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